This is an archive of The Clare People newspaper from its start in 2005 to about 2017. I’m missing the last 2 years ’til its demise in 2019. It’s ripped from the newspaper digital edition which were SWF files. These were incredibly more work to rip the articles from than I thought they’d be. I had to use a combination of ffdec, transform-swf and tesseract.

Each article should have a link to the original SWF page and a rendered JPG of the SWF page. There’s probably loads of mistakes in the text WordPress articles and potentially mistakes in the rendered JPG but the SWF is the canonical copy from The Clare People.

Note that only really news articles are found by my software and posted as text on this site that you can search for on Google. Stuff like the sports pages are there but you’ll have to go through the SWFs and JPGs manually to read them.

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Hi my name is Éabha Breathnach and I am a studying music in UCC. I am currently preparing a presentation on Kitty Hayes -concertina player . I have noted that Andrew Hamilton did an interview with her in 2007 for your paper . Is there any possibility of getting a copy of that article . I would really appreciate it Thank you

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