Tulla land sale ignites a bitter family feud

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THE €1.4 million lands at the centre of a bitter family dispute in the Tulla area have failed to sell at public auc- nO)

However, leading auctioneer John de Courcy, who is handling the sale, said yesterday that he is confident that the land will be sold in the near future, stating, “There is plenty of in- terest and it will sell in due course.”

Mr de Courcy said that the lands didn’t sell at auction “due to the cur- rent climate and time of year”.

The lands at Larraroe and Ran- nagh, Tulla are being sold in five lots and include two ruins and an old resi- dence, with the lands having substan- tial road frontage.

The proposed sale was allowed to proceed after Judge Harvey Kenny ordered that Marie O’Halloran va- cate the 66 acres of farmland near

Tulla in response to an action from her sister-in law, Josephine Barry (72).

Mrs O’Halloran told Ennis Circuit Court that her late husband, Stanley O’ Halloran, reached a deal in the late 1970s with the owner of the farm, his late brother, Michael to purchase the lands for £65,000.

Mrs O’Halloran also told the court that Stanley paid different sums of cash over the years to Michael, who was a bachelor farmer. However,

counsel for Mrs O’ Halloran, Leonard Parker BL, admitted that no record of the agreement exists, nor has Mrs O’Halloran been able to recover any record of cheques paid by Stanley due to the time that has elapsed. Counsel for Mrs Barry, Gerry Kie- ly BL, said that Michael O’ Halloran died aged 64 in May 2004 intestate. Without a will being made, his farm was divided three ways, between his two sisters, Mrs Barry and Ida Ro-

han, and Stanley O’ Halloran.

Stanley died four months later aged 68 and his share passed onto his wife, Marie O’Halloran.

In his judgement, Judge Kenny granted possession of the lands to Mrs Barry, an injunction against Mrs O’Halloran from re-entering the lands, damages of €30,000 with a permanent stay if there is compliance with the order and that Mrs Barry be granted her costs.

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