Psychic helped find ‘Happy’

This article is from page 11 of the 2007-12-18 edition of The Clare People. OCR mistakes are to be expected so download the original SWF or the rendered page 11 JPG

A PSYCHIC has been helping gardai with their investigation into the death of a teenager whose remains were re- covered from a lake in east Clare two weeks ago.

Denis McKenzie came within a breath of locating the body of Rich- ard “Happy” Kelly but became con- fused because he did not know the geography of east Clare.

Denis – who lives in Cambridge – has helped police in numerous high profile cases, including the Soham murders and the tracking down of the victims of an American serial enitare

He travelled to Killaloe to help Happy’s family try to locate him, carrying some of his possessions.

“T felt I was close and I saw a wom- an who said she was his grandmoth- er and I got the name Bridget. Mary said his grandmother was named Bridget so I presumed she was giv-

ing her name. And I kept hearing the word ‘dyke’ I believed it was telling me he was in a dyke somewhere in the area. But when he was found, the ‘dyke’ turned out to be Bodyke and Bridget referred to the lake where he was found, not the name,’ said Denis.

Denis said he was also given some significant information which may help the gardai in their investigation and he has passed this on to them.

Last night, Happy’s mother, Mary, said she will “not grieve for my son until the people who did this to him have been brought to justice. I will fight until they are caught and con- victed”’.

The heartbroken Limerick mother said that she is “so thankful to Denis – he has been here so many times and he 1s like one of the family now but he won’t take a penny from us for all he has done. I’m also very grateful to the fishermen who found him – one of them is a friend of the family. With

what they did to my Happy, weigh- ing him down with concrete blocks, he was never meant to be found”. Mary said that she wants to see jus- tice for her son who “never deserved what happened to him”. While he had convictions for taking cars “he never hurt anyone 1n his life’, she told

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