Kilrush town puts criminals in the frame

This article is from page 10 of the 2012-08-07 edition of The Clare People. OCR mistakes are to be expected so download the original SWF or the rendered page 10 JPG

CRIMINALS in Kilrush will quite literally be in the frame for any wrong doings within the next few months, as plans for the town’s first CCTV system is finalised.

The town’s local authority has agreed to relocate funding from its own budget to install the crime de- tecting and deterring cameras in the west Clare town.

Kilrush Town Clerk John Corry said plans for CCTV in Kilrush is at an advanced stage.

He told a meeting of the Kilrush Joint Policing Committee (JPC) that the council has learnt that the project now has to go through the planning process.

This will take at least three months.

“We will go to procurements at the same time, which would have taken two months anyhow,” he explained.

Supt Gerry Wall offered some time and money saving ideas to the council, as he welcomed the initiative.

“People become used to CCTV in an area and move on to somewhere else, so we need flexibility,” he said.

He suggested that the council apply for a number of locations that far exceed the number of cameras during the planning process.

The cameras could then be moved quickly to a new location where it may be needed in the fight against crime.

“A little forecasting now would save money in the future,” he said.

The members of the JPC, made up of the council, gardaí and community representatives, are now encouraging members of the public to come to the next public meeting of the committee, to have their say about policing in the area and raise any concerns they may have.

“If they have interest in the community and have a place they believe me or my colleagues should be, this is the place for it,” he said.

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